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OEM Chevy Vehicle Parts

OEM Chevy vehicle parts improve and enhance the performance of your vehicle. When you need a new part, OEM parts are covered by your factory extended warranty. Using aftermarket parts may be tempting, but using them might invalidate your warranty coverage, leading to future coverage issues. Marine Chevrolet’s parts coupons make paying for routine maintenance easier if their Chevrolet is no longer covered by a powertrain warranty. Exploring our service tips can help you learn how to understand your car parts and schedule maintenance accordingly. We’ll walk you through how to check the tire tread depth, how to change a brake light, and how much an oil change costs, helping you plan ahead for your next service visit.

Benefits of OEM Parts

Chevy car parts specials are not the only benefit of OEM parts. They’re made from the same material as your original part so you won’t notice a change in your vehicle’s performance when you need to replace a Chevy part. It’s easy to order vehicle parts online through Marine Chevrolet. Because there’s only one option, you don’t have to worry about ordering the wrong part for your vehicle. When you buy car parts from aftermarket third-party sellers, there are many options and none are made from the same materials as your original part. The slightly lower price is hardly worth the price when you consider the benefits of OEM parts.

What Does TPMS Mean?

TPMS is short for tire pressure monitoring systems. It tracks tire wear, including poor tire tread depth and excessive wear. Rotating your tires regularly will help slow their wear. Having your tires checked for misalignment during routine maintenance checks is also essential. If your TPMS light goes off, schedule an appointment at your Camp Lejeune service center.

Order Vehicle Parts Online from Marine Chevrolet

When you’re due for a replacement part order vehicle parts online from our parts department. OEM parts come with their own warranty protecting your purchase in case of a defective part. Contact us to schedule an appointment at our service center near Richlands and Sneads Ferry.


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