What Are the Benefits of Chevy OEM Parts?

Chevy Engine

Chevrolet OEM parts, or “original equipment manufacturer” parts are made by Chevy, exclusively for Chevy models. Chevy parts are made of original materials, making under the hood of your Chevy look like it has never been touched. Although aftermarket parts are cheaper and may entice some Richlands drivers hoping to save a buck, OEM parts work better, last longer, and come with a part warranty in case it malfunctions. Having the protection and quality of genuine Chevrolet OEM parts are well worth the extra cost for smart Camp Lejeune area car owners.

What Are Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket parts are cheaply made parts manufactured by a third party. They aren’t made for a specific brand or model; they are made in different sizes that may or may not fit your vehicle. Because they’re made en masse and not for a specific model, they’re usually ill-fitting and are not the same material as your car’s original part. They’re less costly than genuine Chevy parts, but need to be replaced sooner and can cause a dip in vehicle performance.

Chevy OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

If you’re still undecided about buying aftermarket or Chevrolet parts consider these benefits to buying genuine parts:

  • Less Overwhelming Selection: When you shop for aftermarket parts, you have to search the web for your model’s part size, which often leads to ordering the wrong part. When you order a Chevy part from our parts store, there’s only one option for your make and model, and it will fit your car perfectly.
  • Warranty Coverage: Chevrolet parts are covered under your Chevy’s limited warranty. Opting for aftermarket parts will save money in the short term but may void your warranty.

Shop Chevrolet Parts Near Sneads Ferry

Need a new Chevrolet part? Order online and have it shipped directly to our service center in Jacksonville for professional installation. Marine Chevrolet makes it easy and more affordable to keep your Chevy in good condition with service and parts specials. Schedule a service appointment today to get your oil changed, tires rotated, brake pad replaced, or repairs. Be sure to read up on tire number meanings with our team when you want to learn more.

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