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Did you know that no network footage exists of Super Bowl I? Apparently it was taped over for a soap opera. This is just one of the fun facts we unearthed about the Super Bowl. For some, the Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year and it stirs up a lot of passion and healthy competition among football fans and party goers alike. If you love the game or just love a good party the Super Bowl delivers on both fronts.

Fun Food Facts
• Americans will spend more than $50 million on food in the four days prior to the Super Bowl.
• Holy guacamole! 8 million pounds of guac and 14,500 tons of chips will be eaten.
• Beer sales go up about $17 million during Super Bowl week.
• Americans will drink 50 million cases of beer on Super Bowl Sunday

Trophy Facts
• At every Super Bowl, two Lombardi trophies are present in the unfortunate event that one is accidentally destroyed in the celebrations.
• Each Super Bowl trophy is handcrafted by Tiffany & Co. master artisans at their workshop in Parsippany, New Jersey, and is valued at $12,500.
• Each Super Bowl trophy takes approximately four months and 72 man-hours to create.

It is all about the commercials! SuperBowl commercials are legendary. About 1 out of 12 people watching the game will be suffering through the boring football part just to see the commercials. Nowadays, a 30-second commercial costs $4 million, but during the first Super Bowl, it was only $42,000.

Game Facts
• Fewest points by a Super Bowl-winning team (The Dolphins in Super Bowl VII). They only scored 3 points!
• A quarterback has been named Super Bowl MVP- 27 times!
• The Super Bowl is measured in Roman numerals because a football season runs over two calendar years. This helps us keep track.

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