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Summer makes for a great time to get out and enjoy what our state has to offer but that can also mean getting stuck in dreadful traffic. It’s like come on we just want to get to the beach already and have some fun in the sun. Clearly, road congestion can be a headache, but here are some fun ways to stay sane if you do find yourself stuck in gridlock.

1. Catch up on your reading:
Now we don’t mean reading an actual book, while driving, because that would be dangerous but more so Audio Books! I am sure you have all said, I wish I had more time to read and guess what this time stuck in a mess of cars makes it so you do!
2. Get Fit:
Yes we know what you’re thinking, how on earth do you work out sitting in a confined space such as your car? Focus on fixing your posture and doing a little stretching all while taking deep breaths in/out. Can you say stress relief and relaxation!?
3. Voice Memo:
Have things you need a reminder to do? Use the voice memo on your smart phone to take notes, create grocery lists for your weekend adventure and or set reminders for upcoming meetings & appointments etc.
4. Call friends or Family:
Let us not forget that our phones can be used for more than just texting and or taking pictures. Pass the time by calling a friend or family member to catch up and laugh it up, hands-free of course!
5. Learn a New Song:
What better way to pass the time by in traffic, than to rock out and learn a new song? Spend this extra time playing the song and learning the words. After all, every road trip needs a theme song!

Try not to think of yourself trapped, as you inch along and joggers are probably running faster than you but think of it as a time to reflect and maybe even goof off a little. After all, you are on your way to have some fun in the sun. So, take these tips and make the most out of that traffic jam you find yourself in.

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