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What started out as a trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky with his wife, quickly turned into a once in a life time adventure for Bob Dupuis.

For a long time, Bob had wanted to visit Bowling Green, Kentucky to visit the National Corvette Museum and the GM Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant. When he was presented the opportunity to pick up a recently purchased Corvette from the NCM and drive it back home, he couldn’t turn it down. He and his friend of many years, Donnie Bryan, packed their bags and flew out to Bowling Green, Kentucky. But this wasn’t the typical museum walk through/boring factory tour. Bob and Donnie were able to experience the National Corvette Museum Delivery Program. The NCM Delivery, often referred to as OPTION “R8C” is exclusive to new corvette owners. This memorable adventure included: a personal tour of the GM Corvette Assembly Plant which took them through the entire process of building corvettes from start to finish. They even got to meet the Plant manager! For Bob, the most memorable part of his trip was the GM Corvette Plant; “It was fascinating to see the efficiency and purposefulness of everything they do. It was perfect. They’ve obviously figured it out. It was fun to watch.”

After the Plant, they went to the National Corvette Museum (located right across the street). At the NCM, Bob and Donnie were given a VIP guided tour. As they explored the museum, they saw tons of classic vehicles, had lunch at the 50’s Soda Shop themed Corvette Café, and finally made it to Corvette Boulevard. Corvette Boulevard is where Bob’s corvette was on display. The display itself was phenomenal. Bob described the first sight: “It [the corvette] was surrounded by ropes and had a fancy sign with my name on it. It was cleaned beyond clean, there wasn’t a speck of dust on it!” A member of the NCM Delivery Team provided a thorough presentation of the vehicle showing off all the buttons and features (bells and whistles) that the corvette has to offer.

When all was said and done, it was finally time to take delivery of Bob’s corvette. Excitement was radiating throughout the area as the time to exit the museum approached. A crowd formed as they started the engine and prepared for the drive out. Bob also mentioned a special moment when he noticed a family standing in the crowd checking out the car. He asked the lady if he could borrow her son and he took the boy and sat him in the seat. Once in the seat, Bob asked him, “Hey how does that seat feel? Cause I’m gonna be in it for a while;” a memory that is sure to last a life time. The NCM Delivery Team member drove the car out of the museum. As soon as they made it past the large museum door, they got out and Bob took the wheel. One thing he wasn’t quite expecting was to be riding shotgun as the vehicle made its debut down Corvette Boulevard to depart the museum, but it was an exciting experience nonetheless!

As Bob and Donnie buckled in and prepared for their journey home they were overwhelmed with the comfort the corvette had to offer. With the top down, Sport Mode on and the surround sound system singing, they turned onto 65. They drove carefully and took all necessary measures to keep themselves and the corvette safe (no racing or burnouts!), but they did take every back road possible through Kentucky, Vigrinia and Tennessee. Being able to enjoy all the beautiful scenery made the trip that much more magnificent. There were even some places where they didn’t get XM radio because the mountains were so steep. Bob mentioned how easy the corvette was to drive. “Everything is ergonomically designed. That is a world class sports car, you can spend way more money on a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, but you don’t necessarily have a better performing car. Capabilities of the car far exceed the capabilities of most drivers, including me. I could not drive that car to its full capability.”

Once home (in one piece without any scratches, bangs, or dings), Bob reflected on his and Donnie’s trip. He described it as, “a once in a life time, spectacular experience.” Appreciative for being offered the opportunity to make this voyage, was an understatement. Bob thoroughly enjoyed his experience and showed extreme gratitude to Mike Alford for making it all possible. He even snapped this shot to share with us, writing, “2 Feet and 48 Years Apart.”

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