How Long Do Car Brakes Last?

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How long do car brakes last? Most brakes last between 25,000 and 65,000 miles. How many miles your brakes last depends on your driving habits and your car’s braking system. It’s wise to check your owner’s manual for your car’s maintenance schedule to know when you should make an appointment at your local Camp Lejeune Chevrolet service center. For a quick overview of how long car brakes last, read our guide below. If you find your car brakes are due for replacement, schedule an appointment at Marine Chevrolet service center. 

How Many Miles Do Brakes Last

The gap between how many miles car brakes last is large because the frequency of brake replacements depends on how you drive and how far you drive and the longevity of your model’s braking system. Your owner’s manual is a definitive guide to how often you should go in for routine maintenance. Service technicians will check your brakes for you and give you an estimate of how long until your brakes need to be replaced. This will help narrow down your window for future replacements as well. 

It’s best to take your car to an OEM service center for your car brand to ensure you’re getting brake replacements that fit your car correctly. Opting for aftermarket brakes can be a safety risk and you may also invalidate your powertrain warranty if you don’t use genuine OEM parts. Ordering OEM parts is more convenient as you can quickly order the correct part online and have it shipped directly to our service center for professional installation. 

What Factors Affect Brake Pad Life?

There are several factors that influence the lifespan of your car brake pads. Your driving habits, the environment, and the brake pad material are the most influential determiners: 

  • Habits- Braking softly and coasting to a stop will extend the lifespan of your brakes significantly compared to slamming on the brakes every time you come to a stoplight. 
  • Environment- This also plays a role in determining brake life. If you drive in the city and you have to brake often, your brakes will wear out faster than if you drive on the highway or open roads. 
  • Quality- The quality of your brake pad material will either add to your brakes’ lifespan or shorten it. Standard metallic pads tend to wear faster than carbon-ceramic pads. 

Schedule a Service Appointment Near Richlands

Now that you know how long car brakes last, our service technicians can help you with the next steps. If you’re looking for an OEM service center in the Sneads Ferry area, visit us in Jacksonville today for professional maintenance you can trust. Contact us to schedule an appointment. 

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